Sunday, April 06, 2008

AirVoice Ramps It Up

Looks like AirVoic Wireless has upped the ante on long-term prepaid CDMA (Verizon) service by just a bit. Their $50 refill now lasts a whole year. This wouldn't be as big of a deal if it weren't for the fact that Page Plus Cellular's $50 refill lasts a mere 120 days (the closest competitor) with the same amount of airtime...and the fact that Airvoice doesn't look to charge a 50 cent per month service fee that Page Plus does. Granted, off-network roaming is a rather shocking 11x the price of regular talk, but if you are in Verizon's service area and find that the biggest refill you're getting is $50 on page Plus, you may need to take a look at AirVoice Express.

EDIT: Looks like the monthly fee is $1. Nevermind.


Bill said...

Fee is $1/month.

How do you activate - directly?

Anonymous said...

One year activation for $50 is not bad if the per minute rates are similar to PP, even with the $1 monthly fee. Most companies one year activations are $80-$100.

Anonymous said...

Who won the virgin mobile Flare phone giveaway?

raderator said...

I have 2 phones on AV Express for my parents using the $50/yr PIN. Works great, very much like Page Plus but less hassle.

Factoring in the bonus money and $1/month fee it works out to 8.6c/min and 94c/min for roaming, if you use the full year. You get 48.3 mins/month, on average.

To activate you can buy an INpulse phone, burn up the free $10, port to AV and get 100 free mins which last for 6 months. The other way is to buy a PIN (Callingmart) and AV will activate your Verizon phone but you won't get any free mins unless you use a dealer (rare). One phone I ported from PP and got the 100 mins. I made a little web page about AV:

heytherecarol said...

Are there any prepaid cards I can buy for my Razor that I had cricket service on a couple of months ago?


raderator said...

Cricket uses the Verizon network so your phone should work as long as the ESN is free. Call AV and ask if they can port your number. They will give you 100 free mins. Then get a discounted $50 PIN from Callingmart. Get even more off with code ca3p-1207. No data on AV tho. No MMS.

Ian said...

, CricKet does NOT use Verizon's network. They us their own network, that's why their phones are different and their coverage is less. For the record, read above!

Though in some cases the VZW resellers will activate whatever CDMA phone you put in front of them, though it's your job to program it with the correct settings. Some are harder than others.

Also, last time I checked no Verizon reseller except Verizon itself (with their INPulse plan) and the failed Amp'd Mobile have data on that network.

By the way, the 1-year card Beyond GSM offers beat's Tacfone's $50 option, which just extends service of another airtime card by one minutes...

Lastly, raderator, drop by the forums. You'd like it, and that's probably the best place to share your wealth of prepaid knowledge.

raderator said...

Yeah, I should have realized Cricket was an independent given their tiny coverage area.

BTW, Airvoice GSM has a $100 1yr PIN that beats Beyond GSM for lite users and people who make a call every other day or less. They charge a 20c fee on days used but make up for it with much more "funny money". And you only have to mess with 1 PIN rather than two. Beyond's SMS rate works out to be 1/3rd less tho. I have a little about GSM on my Airvoice page but I need to update it.