Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Few Updates\We have A Winna

First off, apologies for the long wait to announce contest winners. Have been busy lately, and will continue to be busy for the next several days, meaning I probably won't be able to ship the phone 'til sometime next week. That said, the winner is Danamark!

Before everyone beheads me for his not posting on the forum, he did leave the nice comment that follows, which is a really good tip that nobody brought up so far as I know:
Tip for buying "pay as you go phones" from local store.
All those Electronic, et al., ads that you find in the Sunday paper can be found on-line at:

Here are this weeks Sunday ads for Virginia for prepaid phones..

Not cheap enough for you? Just wait for next weeks ads. :)

Also, while looking at the newer phones at Virgin Mobile,
looks like they are offering new Pay As You Go Plans?

Great job, man. Check your Private message box on the forums. I need info on where to send the phone to...

If you didn't win this time around don't worry about it. I've got three other phones I need to review (Super Slice, Aloha, Nokia Shorty), all from Virgin Mobile..though if someone wants to make a bid on the Shorty (including charger and case) I may sell that phone instead of giving it away. Also, I have to talk with MyMinutes about the Aloha, as to whether I can do a giveaway there. At any rate, the giveaways will not cease and there will be at least three phone reviews up here in the relatively near future. Not this week much to do. Maybe next week, or the week after. Check back here, and don't forget to support this site's sponsors! Especially since Babblebug (this site's biggest sponsor currently) may let me borrow some of their stuff for review. Thanks guys!

Guess that's about it news-wise. Now let me check my mail to see what the heck is happening with the Slash I ordered...


Tonito said...
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Tonito said...

Congragulations deserve it....:)

Bill said...

Thanks for the salescircular site!

Please review some unlockable GSM phones for your next giveaways...I figure
T-Mobile will complete their Suncom acquisition here by the summer.

Anonymous said...

ok... i want to buy a song from the tracfone website, but it asks for a promo code... can i use a promo code when buying a ringtone?

Turk said...

* There are no Promo Codes for Tracfone Ringtones...just ignore that part.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Turk Inc. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$