Thursday, April 10, 2008

Net10 Intros 450-minute card, Tracfone to carry Motorola w260g

Looks like there's a little news on the Tracfone front today. First, Net10 now has an online special on an interesting airtime card. Their new, online-only, 450-minute card lasts 90 days, providing a denomination between the 300-minute, 60-day and 600-minute, 120-day cards. On the Tracfone side of things, you've now got the 90-minute 90-day, $25 (as seen in Wal-Mart) card online.

In bigger news, Tracfone is queuing up another phone for their lineup: the Motorola w260g. Okay, it isn't that big news...aside from being a tad thinner and shorter than the Motorola w370, and coming in black instead of silver, and costing $30 instead of $50 (with double minutes for life thrown in) there's nothing different between this phone and the Motorola w370. Maybe this is a slight downgrade, sort of like the LG 200c vs. the LG 3280.

As a side note, the suggested retail price for the Motorola c261 is now $30, a far cry from the $80 where it started...

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Anonymous said...

It's also supposed to have "Crystal Talk voice enhancement." Any voice quality improvement would be a welcome change on a TracFone.