Friday, October 06, 2006

Tracfone Deals...They's Grrrreat!

Just letting everyone know that, though Tracfone is probably doing a nasty overhaul to its refer-a-friend program, they have some absolutely sweet deals on airtime\phones right now! Furthermore, they have deals wregarding CDMA phones!

On the GSM side, there are two "hot deals". One of them is on fire, the other is not. But anyway, with either you get a "free" Nokia 1100. Refurbished, of course. With one, you buy a 1-year card. With the guessed buy a 60-minute card and get another one free! I'm going to start selling 60-minute cards soon off of this nice little bundle. Yes, they'll be $12.50, but eBay sellers usually charge $15+. I'll get in the first six cards Monday. I'm taking me!

On CDMA, the real fun begins. Tracfone has had an all-too-long track record of having one, just one, CDMA phone available: the Nokia 2126. This is a nice phone, yes, but there's no variety; with GSM you have your choice between six (!) phones, spanning the range between $19.99 and $79.99. Anyway, you now have a choice!

But first, the hottest deal of 'em all, at least in my opinion...the Nokia 2126 is being offered free, a la Nokia 1100 on GSM, with two 60-minute cards, for $20! Everyone should know\does know that this phone is simply fabulous for reception etc. as far as CDMA\analog service goes. Okay, it's not the Nokia 6015, but it works quite well. Even refurbed, I daresay it alone is worth the price of the bundle. Once I sell off the coming bunch of airtime cards, I'm in for a bunch of these, if they're still around.

Next on the website is a one-year deal, this time for the Motorola c343. Not the the c343 is a great phone or anything, but if you're a Motorola fan\freak, here's your chance, though it's a rather expensive one.

Then there's the normal Nokia 2126, new, unobtrusively sitting there for $29.99, plus tax and shipping (everything, in fact, has tax and $4.95 shipping and tax on that shipping added to it). Great phone. But it's eclipsed by the refurb deal.

Now, on to the older phones. Yes, we're talking old now. Exhibit A is the Nokia 2285, which comes free with a 120-minute card. Yep, it appears as though Tracfone is trying its utmost to clear out stock on old phones. And the 2285 isn't too bad. Though, again, it'll only sell after the Nokia 2126 deal goes out. I'm betting it will eventually be given out in a similar deal. The perk of this phone is that it has a pretty big screen with a blue backlight...and an extendable antenna!

And last, and maybe least, is the Nokia 5180. Yes, that Nokia 5180. The one you used, what, five years ago? Well, it comes free with a 60-minute card. But it will have to come free with two, and be the only one to do so, before I get it. Sorry, but that's one old phone. But hey, if you need analog this phone will outlast all the others, by virtue of its ginormous battery. Plus, it's CDMA, with an extendable antenna if I remember rightly. Nice way to soup up your geek factor.

In closing, Tracfone now has some pretty nice "let's clear these puppies out" deals on right now, likely to get ready for the LG 3280 and the Nokia 1112. Go on and take advantage of them. And remember: I'll have 60-minute cards in Monday. And if you pre-order today (Friday), I'll take the price from $12.50 to $11.75! If you preorder Saturdy or Sunday it'll be $12. Email me!


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I just bought a Nokia 1100/time card package, I received a warning that they could deny me future purchases unless I activate the phone(s) I bought. I guess no more flashing the phones for those who do that sort of thing (not me, of course). They also have a limit of three packages per customer. I will have to remeber to activate the phone (with its paltry 20 mins) before putting it away or selling it, as I bought the cards for phones I already use.