Saturday, October 28, 2006

"They have 7 p.m. Nights!!!"

SOmeone posted a comment that VIrgin Mobile is the only carrier that has 7 p.m. nights. Sorry, but whoever said that is wrong. Dead wrong. A few other carriers have the feature, such as STi Mobile's Plan 3. Look around before saying that X carrier has Y exclusive feature.

By the way, I suppose you could say the Slice is growing on me. I'm still unimpressed by its user interface, but it's thin and is holding up well. My final review will come out when I finally manage to run its battery totally down.


Anonymous said...

Don't get cranky, Ian. I was just saying it is hard to find 7:00 nights on a preapid.

Anonymous said...

Not the same A. Nonymous from above -- Glad you like the new phone. I hope it works for you, but I looked at it recently and I think I still go with your first observation and will stick with my Tracfones. Admittedly, we probably use our phones for about 20 minutes a month apiece, nights and weekends (or other X minutes for Y plans) would not pay for us.

Kivett-Studio said...

let me know if you decide to sell your Slice..i might be interested since my daughter wants to get something other than a tracfone. right now she has a v170 and is bored with it. she saw the Slice and the Switch Back...yes i know you think those are ugly but she thinks they are too cute...and isn't sure which one she might want to try. I'm leaning towards getting her a Slice for Xmas because i've heard people are having issues with the buttons on the Switch Back. Although they have a pretty good deal online for the vox8610, and she does prefer a flip phone over any other.