Monday, October 16, 2006

Clearing Up Confusion...LG 3280 Roaming

Just to let everyone know, from personal experience (I have this phone) and from peering into the phone's prepaid parameters, the LG 3280 is definately a SingleRate phone, except with a CDMA twist. It's SingleRate in that, even if you're roaming, you're still charged at one unit per minute of airtime used. And yes, I've tested this. And text is 0.3 units, like with the newer GSM SingleRate phones (Motorola c139, v176, c261).

The CDMA twist is that, if your outgoing call isn't longer than 15 seconds, you won't be deducted airtime for it. Incoming calls, though, cost from second one. But anyway, just clearing things up. If I've helped anyone, click an ad or two for me. :)


gnitgnat said...

What have you heard (if anything) about Tracfone's RAF program? Is it history forever or will it be resurrected in a new form? said...

At the risk of sounding really stupid, aren't you only roaming if you are outside of your calling area? I just got another email from tracfone that said if you are in your local area then the calls are only charged at one unit rather you are calling long distance or not, however, if you are calling from outside of your calling area (roaming) then you are charged 2. I'm really upset without them as their info on the website regarding this phone reads as only 1 unit no matter what, however, everyone I've spoken to at tracfone says differently. I'm just trying to get a local number and I can't because I have a GMS phone and they say I have to have a CDMA even though I am getting some signal with my present phone.