Sunday, October 22, 2006

Super Duper TMo Deal

In short, you get a $50 card for $35. Which is 30% off! And if you call T-Mobile Customer Service you can "stack" two of these refills to make a $100 refill. Which gets you 1000 minutes and a year of service for $70! Needless to say, that's really, really good. Have fun! I think I'll get two of these as well.


Anonymous said...

Seven cents a minute. If you have T-Mo reception where you live, you are better off using your cell phone for long distance calls than your landline at this rate! Too bad T-Mo seems to only serve heavily populated areas.

Anonymous said...

T-Mobile prepaid now roams in many areas.

Here it now roams on both Cingular and Suncom - that's better coverage than Sprint (prepaid) offers!

Only better deal here for prepaid is Alltel, which offers more plan options, better rural coverage (analog) and local numbers - but at $0.15/minute, with higher upfront costs.