Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Wait...It's Better!

I posted the first rendition of this from my STi phone. Now I'm goi g over with something better. Basically that cingular10 code seems to work EVERYWHERE on! This means you can not only use it on Cingular refills, but also on such cards as those from T-Mobile To Go, Tracfone and STi. The added bonus is you can use the code on hardware (STi phones) and accessories as well. Payme25 gets better deals on most of the items sold, but as it doesn't work on the LG 225 cameraphone cingular10 is a worthy substitute, bringing the STi $149 package down to $140.05 shipped. Interestingly, this is only 23 cents cheaper than the price of my own 225, purchased with refill8, but I seem to remember some other wierd discount coming out of nowhere that helped me a bit...

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