Friday, January 06, 2006

i285 Info and More Stuff For Sale (trade actually)

First off, I found that the i285 seems to connect to the network a tad faster than my i415. Second, the i285 gets a bar or two better reception than my i415, picking up a signal maybe 100 yards, maybe even more than that, away from where my i415 dropped out in hilly country near my house, which gets a full signal dince it's about 100 yards from US 290. Interestingly, if I sat down on the road shoulder with my i285 it would lose a signal but standing it would get it.

Of course, the big con of the i285 is that its battery life is way, way below average, as in analog battery life. But when you consider that the reason is the battery is small because the whole phone is as close to a Motorola SLVR (for the uninitiated the bar version of the RAZR, coming soon) as iDEN is ever going to get, you can fogive it somewhat.

OK, now about the trade\sale part of this item. I want to drop a line of Boost service, as two lines at a minimum of $6.66 a month is a bit much. I also want the i450, basically the flip version of the i415 but with other improvements as well. So I'm willing to trade both my Boost phones (i415 and i285) for an i450, all three without sim cards inside. Or I'll trade my i415 with the i285 sim inside (since they're both 64k phones everything will work fine) for an i450 without a sim. If I do the two-phones-for-one trade I'll also want to sell my i285 sim (with around $20 on it and its expiration on April Fool's Day) for the amount on it plus $1 or so for shipping (snail mail) and PayPal fees (I'll take a check in the mail too).

I've posted this info on Howard Forums as well, here:

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