Sunday, January 22, 2006

Correction, Your Honor

On the TDMA post, I neglected to mention the Nokia 8260\8265. These are both OK phones though not overly notable. If you can get one for as cheap as the 3360 get it. If not, don't.

On the Cingular post, the Nokia 6010 for $30 is a refurbished version, though cell phone companies usually do an excellent job of making refurbs like new. Also, you can get the Motorola v173, the Cingular version of the Tracfone v170, for $40 refurbished. New versions of these phones are $70 and $80 I believe.

Another thing on TDMA: the other model I was forgetting on Panasonic was the Versio. Nothing incredibly great here. The ProMax, as I just found out, is actually quite small, sort of like a dignified little home phone in its look.

Guess that's it. If anyone has any comments or anything like tht please email me, and click an ad or two while you're at it. :)

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