Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Quick Announcements: Virgin. Boost & Beyond

On Virgin Mobile, the Audiovox V7 Flasher is now $80 direct from their site. If you are dying for a camera phone and don't want to deal with STi rebates and\or want to port your number in (invalidates the STi rebate I've heard, maybe I'm wrong though) here's something, though it's a pretty junky phone. The Audiovox 8610 is now $60...finally it's priced out of the insanity range.

On Boost, the "chirp change" $25 extra promo is until 1\31\06. Enjoy it while you can, then wait for some other promo; Boost phones are too expensive to come with only $10 in airtime IMO.

On Beyond, though the TDMA activation cutoff date is still 1\31\06, the rollout date for GSM is now in mid-February. I really don't want to see these guys die out, but with two weeks of no new activations it could happen...then again it may still be OK...but if they push GSM back again things are going to start getting iffy.

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