Saturday, January 21, 2006

Simple Freedom - Changing?

I've heard many things. First, it seems as though Alltel will be changing its Simple Freedom service into the super prepaid plan I mentioned a post or two ago. Second, I've heard that Simple Freedom is being pulled out of stores where the Verizon network is the network the phones are being activated on. Third, I've heard that the pull-out is just for rebranding and it will be released again.

I'm inclined toward the tird option. Simple Freedom's footprint is the same as the new prepaid plan's, and my store for one (I'm in a Verizon-only area, but Alltel isn't too far away) still has several Simple Freedom phones in stock. Granted, roaming is more expensive, but the large home area is just as much cheaper (actually more, 10 cents cheaper vs. 9 cents more expensive) so I'm not too sad. I'm rooting for Alltel...and yes I have more to say about my adventures in cellular land but that must wait...

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