Saturday, October 01, 2005

Sprint and Nextel Deals

I know this isn't a postpaid blog but it's interesting to know that Sprint and Nextel actually have some cheap plans! On both you can get the new Fair & Flexible for $30 with 200 minutes. $35 now buys 400. On Nextel, for the first time as far as I know, local walkie-talkie is pay-as-you-go, at 15 cents a minute. It is billed by the second so even if you use it you won't pay too much. Nationwide Walkie-Talkie is included in this cost I think, also a first that I know of, so it's cheaper than you might expect in this respect as well.

The bad thing about the new F&F plans is that $5 only gets you 50 minutes now, so even if you stop at 50 minutes you're only getting 10 cents a minute on overages, rather than the former excellent 5 cents a minute. I suppose though that the additional 100 minutes on the $35 plan makes up for this somewhat, raising the voice minutes for $40 to the national average (VZW, Cingular, and smaller carriers) of 450 minutes. Plus I'm pretty sure the Sprint plans have free roaaming (for up to 1\2 of your minutes).

One other intersting thing I've figures out is how to get unlmited voice calling on Sprint.

1. Get a Free Incoming 300 plan for $50 with Sprint
2. Get the Mobile-To-Mobile Package ($5 I think)
3. Get one of those unlimited calling cards off of eBay ($30 for one month I think) that has a Sprint M2M number
4. On weekdays use the unlimited calling card's Sprint mobile to mobile number to make all of your calls with
5. Get a 12% discount with Sprint (email me for the guy's email that can hook you up with it and 1\2 price for the first two months)
6. Enjoy unlimited calling (albeit on weekdays through a calling card) for maybe $90 a month...anywhere on the Sprint network. Qwest Wireless charges well over $100 (maybe even over $200) for unlimited Sprint-network calling. Don't you feel like a bandit ;)


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