Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Shorty, Now In Color, Coming Soon To A Tracfone Near You

Click the link above for the info page about the phone (start looking for links in my post titles; they'll be there a lot of the time). Yes, it looks like the king of old phones has released (well, almost released; it will probably be here next Friday) something that Virgin Mobile should've gotten: the Nokia 2126, basically the Virgin Mobile Shorty with a color screen and Tracfone software. This is Tracfone's second color CDMA phone, fifth color phone total (the other four are, in order of release, Nokia 2600, Moto c155, Moto v170, Moto c353, the last being the only CDMA model). And yes, this looks to be a Tracfone-only deal, like the Nokia 2600 has been for the past...year or two? Sweet...

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