Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Q&A: Tracfone SMS-to-EMail

Sometimes I'll put on here a question someone emailed me about prepaid phones and of course my answer...here is one of those times, ever-so-slightly edited...

Jaena wrote

I came across your topic abou SMS and you had some domain names for some of the services. Do you happen to have tracfone's?


I wrote

It depends on what your service is on Tracfone. You see, Tracfone doesn't actually own any towers; they just rent airtime from the carrier they deem to have the best coverage in whatever area and give customers phones that will work with that provider. If you can give me what zipcode your tracfone was activated in, and what type of phone it is, I can help you, as they use everything from US Cellular to Cingular to Alltel and Verizon.


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Anonymous said...

hi i have motorola w376g my area code is 53219 please help on how to send email thank you