Monday, October 17, 2005

Boost Phones for $15+ Less Than Retail!

OK. So you're in Wal-Mart and see a nice shiny new Boost phone. You notice the model number, which says i415. You notice the price and it's about $78.66. You forget that there's tax and buy it only to realize there's another seven dollars in taxes! You return the phone a day later and get back your $85.

That's where this guy comes in. He has five (only five so hurry!) Boost i415s and five Boost i450s for sale. The great things about them are:

1. They are new-in-box models (they even include the usually-stripped-out simcard!)
2. They ship free to the lower 48
3. They're $15 less expensive than the SRP (Suggested Retail Price) and there's no tax to boot!

He has the Boost i415 for $65 here
amd the i450 flip phone for $85 here

I would get one of these in a heartbeat but for the fact that I don't have $65 to spend on any cell phone right now. Both, as said before, are $15 below retail, and there's no tax so if you have an 8.25% sales tax you're saving $21.60 off of street if you get the i415 and $23.25 if you get the i450! So if you want to go Boost now is just about the right time.

P.S. You can, with Nextel Connection Manager and the appropriate cable, connect either of these phones to your computer and as long as you have an active, web-enabled (20 cents a day) account you can surf the 'net with them, albeit at speeds of around 21.6 kbps as far as I've heard, which is a lot better than the 14.4 or even 9.6 kbps that I had heard earlier. I'm not giving links to either the cables or the Connection Manager because I'm afraid, along with others, that if this feature gets abused Nextel may find out and shut it off, so if you really want to find the cable and software you can through a quick Google search, but use it with a bit of caution. I don't want to be blamed for this suddenly going away :).

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