Saturday, November 25, 2006

Podcast Responses

Whew! That was a lot of feedback on my podcast! Keep it coming! I'm on a brief respite from a Boy Scout camping trip (which isn't that bad actually...the camping trip, that is) so I still won't be able to submit my 'cast to iTunes or make the podcast info page...those things will have to wait till tomorrow...but they will get done, and I'll respond to the comments now:
"8.1 MB? Ian, that is almost 1-2 hours of downloading on a dial up connection? You may wish to provide a text summary!~"

True, it's 8.1 MB. But take a look at the podcasts at (big podcast place). They're all at least that much, of not waaaaaay more. Podcast stuff isn't really a dialup thing, though I myself just go to the local coffee shop (I'm there right now) to do all of my 'cast downloads and uploads. However, I did provide somewhat of a summery of the podcast topics that I covered, several of which I already talked about on the blog. The remaining topics will be put up here eventually, probably before the next podcast...

"Great info. Comes through great with [DSL]. I'd recommend breaking it up into easier bit sizes--lots of information. The blog actually is nices because it can be referred to over & over & just for specific information looking for. Great job but doubt I'd use it much, I like the blog format the best. "

Yeah, the blog format is nice, but podcasts are fun, too. They're sort of targeted at different audiences. Don't worry about the blog, though. I'm definately keeping it :). I type about as fast as, in the end, I speak for podcasts.

"Is it possible to search on your blog? I am trying to find what needs to be changed to access the different carrier phones through Tracfone. The archive links are not working right now--at least for me so can't look manually either. Great site & I refer to it alot. "

If you're looking for info on how to Tracfone-ize other phones, you will find no info; it can't be done. But you can just use Google to search my blog (type in along with your query). I may switch over to BlogSpot as my host, so everything will work right and blog search will be easier; I can't for the life of me figure out why the archive links aren't working and switching back to BlogSpot would bring everything close together and thus remove room for error...

"How does one see the CDMA page vs the GSM phone page for Tracfone?"

In the URL of the Tracfone site you'll see "tech=GSM4" or "tech=CO" somewhere. CO shows CDMA phones. GSM4 shows Cingular phones (GSM5 shows T-Mobile, which is more limited). Just edit the URL, hit Go and enjoy!

"I like the availability of a podcast. You need to use a bit more emotion and appeal to create more interest. It would also be nice to have a text transcript. Break it down, take your time, give breaks, and add some more music."

Emotion and appeal...hmmm...appeal...give me an example of a podcast with particular appeal and I'll try to follow suit. As far as text transcripts go, I will cover, sometime or another, the meterial I covered in the podcast here on the blog. Breaking it down anhd taking my time seems to be hostile to those people on not-so-high-speed connections, but again I'll take suggestions in the form of podcasts I can look up to. As far as music goes, I'm probably going to get some more of that as time goes on. This is episode 1, so things will change :)

"Is that your voice or did you disguise it?"

That's my voice. I'm fifteen years old and I talk like that when I'm miced...only a slight change from normal...but yeah that is my voice.

"8.1mb on dial up shouldnt take that long.@56kb you should get at least 350kb per min so entire file should take like 25 min"

Wel...dialup is NEVER 56k, but yeah...this podcast isn't really THAT painful even on a dialup connection. It's about the size of a long song like Sufjan Stevens' Star of Wonder, downloaded via eMusic. (I like Sufjan actually, and I like eMusic).

Thanks for your comments! Have to go see everyone tomorrow probably! By the way, I just ordered two Virgin Mobile UTStarComm Slice phones from for a total of $43.28, including tax and shipping. THe Black Friday deal is online and is until tomorrow, so grab some phones while you can, and email me if you'd like to support this site by giving me a kickback!


dave940 (tracfonewv) said...

Great Podcast, I commend your efforts, fantastic stuff for someone your age. I have a 1 hour plus drive round trip to work, so I am always looking for stuff like this to download. Thanks for the genius comment on the backdoor discovery, but people who know me would argue with that description. Thanks in particular for the review of the LG, I ordered one today. I have a fairly large SID with the Nokia 2126, so I do not really need to upgrade from it, but my son will be joining the military in a couple of months, and he has some "roaming" in his future, so I'm getting it for him. Incidentally, I just received RAF minutes last night for a phone activation done by someone on Howardforums who gave me their info to try with an RAF invitation sent out in early November, so it still worked as of late this week!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You're only 15 and you can put up a blog? Keep it up, it is a marketable skill once you enter the working world. That and building web pages (of which I have seen yours). Lots of business pay good money for that! Maybe this could be the way you fund college, too! BTW, didn't you say you were a senior in HS? Usually 15 year olds are sophomores, congrats on being ahead of the curve.

Anonymous said...

Best prepaid info I've found so far. I searched with google but couldn't find answer. I'd like to unlock the 1100 and understand that sucessfully unlocking a Tracfone is almost impossible. Since you gave a way to get phones that work on cingular or t-mobile would the codes for those networks/carriers work? Has anyone been successful unlocking the Tracfone Nokia 1100 to use on Cingular?