Sunday, November 26, 2006

ESN Minutes - They're Available! Same with Refer-a-friend!

Just to re-stress to everyone, ESN minutes are available right now at $12 for 120 minutes. And the minutes can be added to with promo codes (58094 adds 60 minutes if you haven't used it already). So grab 'em while you can!

Also, if you're activating a Tracfone soon or have activated one on between now and last Wednesday, email me and I'll send you a refer-a-friendd email! You get 120 minutes, again promo-able, and I'll even take $2 off whatever you buy from me if you do get your minutes!

Just trying to help out...$30 worth of minutes for $12 is nice, and $30 worth of minutes for free, if you're a new Tracfone user, is even nicer! :)

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