Sunday, November 26, 2006

Nokia 2126 Wal-Mart Sighting

As my laptop battery stands at 7% and counting down (I have about 12 minutes before, at 1%, this computer hibernates due to low battery), this is going to be a short post...but anyway...

At Wal-Mart Friday night, while I was waiting for a manager to pricematch RadioShack on the UTStarComm Slice (long story short: RadioShack in town didn't have them and Wally World wouldn't pricematch them so I went online and got two phones, shipped free, direct from; the $19.99 promo stays in effect until, and including, the 26th), I noticed for the second time the new "inline" packaging for the Nokia 2126. I had first seen this packaging on the Motorola c139 and v176 (shipped to me and at RadioShack in a Cingualr area, respectively). Then I saw it on the LG 3280. Then I saw it at RadioShack on the Nokia 2126. THen I saw it at Wal-Mart.

Anyway, I checked the back of the package and saw that the phone still wasn't SingleRate (roaming is still 2 units per minute and texts are 0.5 units apiece). But on the front of the phone was a sticker: Get 60 minutes of free airtime upon activation ($18.92 value).

While 60 minutes of airtime isn't, in my opinion, worth $18.92 (as my previous sales of 60-minute cards for $12.50 will attest), it's a step up from the small 10 or 20 minutes included in Tracfones that aren't marked that way. Maybe Tracfone is trying, with certain phones, to recompense users for the loss of refer-a-friend. Whatever the case, another 60 minutes is always good, however you get it, so I thought this would be nice to point out.

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