Saturday, February 10, 2007

Virgin Mobile Deals Online

Right, I know, I need to get a few reviews out here, but here's something in the meanwhile:

The price of the Snapper on Virgin Mobile's website is now down to $60 new, from $80. Not as good as $40 refurbished, but that deal's gone now.

The Switch_Back is down to $100 now, too. But I think I said that already...

The Kyocera K9 is now the $10 refurbished phone, and has been for awhile...

And there are no fewer than three "free" phones available right now. Free as in you get $20 or $25 in airtime when you buy the phone for $20 or $25. The $20 phones are the Nokia Shorty (yay!) and the Kyocera K10 Royale (boo except if you need a color screen or internet). The $25 phone? Why, the Audiovox 8610 of course!

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