Thursday, February 08, 2007

LG 3280 FAQ Number Ten Zillion

Hmmm...seems like the LG 3280 is a very hot topic relative to this blog. Also seems like I should be doing homework right now or maybe memorizing play lines or writing the Nokia 6061 review or something like that...ah well...

Before I actually say anything though, I now have high speed internet, courtesy BeeCreek Communications (; if you're interested in signing up with them check back with me...they have a referral program). Which, yes, means that I had dialup before...but everyone knew that. Anyway, with fairly (not cable-speed but okay nonetheless) high speed internet eminating wirelessly from my garage, I should have a little bit more of an excuse to post here...

But about the 3280...

Q: Will the LG 3280 work in my area if it doesn't show up on my zip code on Tracfone's phone sales site?

A: It should. Plug your zip code into the Tracfone coverage map finder and see if the 3280 is there...and it'll be there practically everywhere.

Q: How do I get other ringtones onto my 3280?

A: You don't. At least, until I'm proved wrong (please do!) there's not even a way to transfer ringtones from a computer to the 3280. And we all know that, at least for now, the 3280 can'tdownload ringtones over the air, nor can it receive them via text messages. So yeah, you're stuck. I'm sorry too.

Hope this helps!

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Anonymous said...

Off topic, but is your bee creek as TERRIBLE and WORTHLESS as everyone else's?

Bee Creek is the biggest scam ever and I can't wait to get internet from another provider at the end of summer.