Monday, February 26, 2007

Tracfone Airitme Expirations Up To 90 Days, Effective March 1st

A little birdie told me that, effective March 1st, the 60-minute cards on Tracfone will get an expiration boost to 90 days, up from the current\lousy 60. Which makes Tracfone a bit more attractive for people who don't use their phone much...and renders the $20 card cheaper per month than the 1-year card, though the 1-year card is cheaper per minute by a fair margin due to promo codes, though the price per minute delta can be narrowed by going to Tracfone's website and getting one of their famous "twofer" deals.

I'm supposing that the 90-day expiration will extend to all airtime cards that are now 60-day cards, starting on the 1st. Another bet, though less safe, is that Tracfone will integrate a fair amount of bonus units into the 1-year card (250, maybe? That's been the ongoing promo) to make it worthwhile for people to buy.

Hope this helps...

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Anonymous said...

Any updates? I don't see anything new on TracFone's webpage.