Friday, January 19, 2007

What's In Store\What's Happening

You may be wondering what I'm doing, seeing as how I haven't posted in a few days. Not that there's really anything to post about, other than Tracfone's refer-a-friend system being down again.

But anyway, probably the next big thing I'll post up here will be a review of the Nokia 6061 (thanks BabbleBug!) and PagePlus service on the Nokia 2366i (thanks BabbleBug) if I can ever get the ESN rightly assigned to PagePlus instead of INPulse on that phone.

Just letting everyone know that I'm alive and well...didn't post yesterday or the day before because I was ordering an unreal number of Tracfones :)


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your review of the Nokia 2366i with PagePlus. I'm considering this same setup and would like to get your opinion. Dennis

Ron Dans said...

hey - I'm stuck in the middle of a Tracfone Catch-22 zone... we live in Santa Fe, and the quality of service with our old V60i was always fine. I dropped last week and several keys stopped working, so I went to radio Shack and bought a V176. My question is about signal strength... We usually got 5 bars on the old phone, now the best we get is 4, and in several side-by-side tests (especially indoors), the new phone almost always comes up 1-2 bars below the old phone, and sometimes even 3 bars below. Voice quality seems similar. Are the number of bars a true test between these two models? I know VERY little about this technology. I've spent about an hour on the phone with Tracfone to no avail, and lots of googling as well. My email is