Sunday, January 07, 2007

News Flash: Good Deal

First off, the deal, that I may have put up before but now have more information on: is giving away a $10 off $25 coupon, basically, to anyone who signs up with them right now. Which means you can get a $25 refill for $15...40% off. A little birdie tells me that this promo is going to end around February 28th, so it's best to take advantage of the offer and sign up now to get the bonus. If you do sign up now, you'll be able to keep the $10 bonus until you need it.

Another way to use the $10 bonus is to subsidize the cost of the Movida UTStarComm 7000, so it's $40 instead of $50. It comes with a month of service included, a $30 value (actually, it's $30 in airtime on the phone, but Movida is pushing their "Unlimited" plan which starts at $30 per month). So the phone is effectively $10. But I would actually wait a few days; PrepaidWireless will be coming out with the better-rated, slightly better, and of course newer, 7025. Which will, I'm told, be sold at the same price as the 7000, which is a good thing. Which might mean that the 7000 will be offered at an even further discount to clear out inventories...

Speaking of the 7000, I'll likely put up a review of that phone today, along with my impressions of the Movida service. As an added bonus, I'll also put up a review of the Nokia 2366i, the cheap INPulse\PagePlus bluetooth flip with style. Hopefully. Then again, I have to finish some work for (I work with them, not for them, though...this site is still Go4Prepaid and not, write an essay for Civilizations class (not due tomorow, but that's when school starts after a long yet too-short Christmas break), complete a few scholarship applications and in general have too many things on my plate. But I *should* be able to get the reviews up.

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