Thursday, January 04, 2007

Quick Notes...

I just arrived back at my home, from a week-and-a-few-days trip to Florida for Christmas. Hopefully, during the upcoming three-day weekends, I'll be able to do a lot of various things with this site and other stuff...

For starters...

The LG 3280 does indeed (for the upteenth time!) have free, or rather same cost, roaming...SingleRate is SingleRate, yay everyone! Plus coverage is just as good, network-wise, with the SingleRate CDMA as with older, cost-more-if-you-roam models. Also, don't worry about flipping open your phone when it have to accept the call (by pressing a button) before it starts charging airtime. Though you *can* set up the phone to simply answer when you flip it open.

And to finish up this post, here are the phones I'm reviewing soon:

UTStarComm CDM7000\Movida (Sprint)
Nokia 2366i
Nokia 6061

Thanks for the Movida, and BabbleBug (in advance) for the Nokia 6061! As for the 2366i, I got it for a cool $50 or so plus tax at the local Super Wal-Mart in Florida.

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