Thursday, December 08, 2005

Tracfone Lowering Rates?!?

Sorry but I had to post this as well. When activating my dad's Nokia 2126 (yeah, the one that does analog) I got a nice green message as part of the page to the effect that Tracfone is now lowering its raes and they would be in effect the next time I refilled. when i added the refer-a-friend minutes a day or two later the same message cropped up and no rates had changed. Ha ha.

I have a hunch though that we Tracfone users will wake up some Friday morning (the customary time of Tracfone website renewal) to a fresh new rate scheme for Tracfone. Dunno whether it will be lower rates (Captain Obvious would think so), more features (doubt this one), longer expirations (doubt this one), or no more 2-for-1 roaming fees on CDMA and TDMA phones (maybe but doubt it), but something is definately brewing :) (notice I didn't make a pun with BREW as Tracfone doesn't have it...yet ;) ).

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