Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Just So You Know, Sti Isn't Sprint, Mobile-to-Mobile-wise

I now have a Boost Mobile i415, which I will talk about after a few more posts. Quickly though, Boost has 10-cent-per-minute mobile-to-mobile calling between Boost phones and other Boost, Sprint PCS or Nextel phones...well, some Nextel phones; Partners-market phones aren't included yet. Anyway, you alo have a minutes-remaining announcement at the beginning of each outgoing call with Boost. I had about $20 in my Boost account when I placed a call to my STi phone. If it was a Mobile-to-Mobile call it would have said that I had over two hundred minutes remaining. Insted, it proclaimed that I had a little over 100.

So no folks, just because STi or someone else runs off of Sprint's netowkr, it doesn't mean you'll get Sprint or Boost or Nextel Mobile-to-Mobile rates when calling to them or receiving calls from them. Boost owners be forewarned; it will be somewhat of a ripoff to call an STi phone, just like it would be to call a Verizon, T-Mobile or landline phone.

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