Sunday, July 17, 2005


Welcome to my newest blog, about prepaid cell phone service. I've been researching and researching...and researching...cell phone service since maybe nine months ago. I've tried out a few prepaid services even. Here I'll tell you what I know, what I've gathered from four of the five corners of the web ;) and tell you what my guesses are on what's to come in the arena (marked of course as guesses). I hope to keep this reasonably current, not to forget about it, etc. but then again I may totally foeget about it. That's why I'm putting links to a few places in my first post, so if I don't say anything beyond this you will still have somewhere else to turn if you want cell phone service or are tired of fifty dollar fees for minimal minutes.

Cell Guru
This guy has a very comprehensive (though not perfect) list of prepaid companies on the market today, as well as some prepaid service provider information, as well as little bits about postpaid providers.

Howard Forums
I'm part of this online forum that talks all about cell phones and cell phone service. I'm also probably the second highest poster in their Prepaid discussion forum, so if you have a question just post it there and if I don't give the answer someone else will.

So here we go into my newest blog. Enjoy!

P.S. I may sometimes venture into subjects not directly related to prepaid cell phone service (like Google SMS or Yahoo SMS). I might even talk about postpaid (heaven forbid I know but ah well) service or (on a very rare occaision) things unrelated, at least not in any sort of a direct way, to cellular phone service. Don't worry though. These excursions will still be factual, or marked with big capital letters saying that they may not be, and will have something to do with something to do with cell phone service.

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