Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Computer Newsletters, Cell Phone News Site

Yesterday I meantioned getting big (15 pages or so) newsletters from Langa List or Kim Komando Show. These are two very good computer e-newsletters I subscribe to. Personally, I like Langa List better but I still think Komando's weekly newsletter is worth subscribing to. I no longer subscribe to the daily messages because they tend to clutter up my inbox even more than the weekly long newsletter,s (I haven't read any past about April 20th!).

Another newsletter I subscribe to is Internet Tourbus. This is usually less than half as long so I have zero sitting around in my inbox waiting to be read. I think that this is tied as my favorite newsletter (with Langa List). Just letting you know what I'd use MMS for :).

I don't subscribe to a cell phone newsletter, but if PhoneScoop had one I'd be on it in a flash. They are very good about posting the latest news in the phone\provider arena (excpt for maybe lesser prepaid stuff, but I can go to CellGuru.net for that). I reccommend them wholeheartedly. Click below to go to the site, which also has a comprehensive database of phones and features the phones have, although the last time I checked the phone selection feature didn't work right.


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