Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Cingular GoPhone Pay As You Go: Expansive but Expensive, 3\5

Here's one provider we still don't have in our area: Cingular GoPhone. Their truly prepaid Pay As You Go plan only works on Cingular towers so I'd get no signal\Cignal because the only GSM towers around are T-Mobile and CellularOne.

Right now, $50 will buy you a nice, small, color Samsung phone with $10 of airtime included, but as you will see below this doesn't go that far. More money will buy you flip phones, camera phones or whatever you want if you stick the GoPhone SIM into a Cingular or unlocked GSM phone.

The minutes are 25 cents apiece and so are emails and multimedia messages. Text messages are 10 cents apiece. Yes that means to send and receive. Mobile-to-mobile, so I'm told is 10 cents a minute. You can even access the web, at one cent per kilobyte.

You can get cards that range from $15\30-day expiration to $100\6-month expiration, with the $25\90-day card being the least cost per month. However, if you can find an old $20 card (KIC cards work too) they also last 90 days so it's cheaper that way.

I don't know too much about GoPhone, but these are the basics. I hope this helps anyone interested.

NOTE: It's been said that the 52989 promo code on Tracfone may not double the 400-minute card. You may need to use the code 50911.

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