Sunday, February 01, 2009

Tracfone: New on Samsung, Old on Page Plus

Looks like Tracfone is getting some Samsung handsets, all GSM. The model numbers: t101g, t201g and t301g...

No details on the t101g at the moment, though it showed up on the FCC's website in October. Probably will be a low-end flip phone, judging by similarly-named models (like the T-Mobile-branded t109).

The t201g is only slightly less mysterious. According to some very basic FCC documents, the phone looks to be a rounded flip style reminescent of the m300 on CDMA. Anything more than that, and SAR ratings, are veiled by a 180-day NDA. Since the FCC filing was in October, the phone will likely come out before the FCC shows internal and external drawings of the phone.

The t301g, submitted to the FCC in November, is the least mysterious of the three phones Tracfone is about to introduce, though a search only reveals three disclosed documents related to the phone. This squarish flip phone will have a 3.7V, 500 mAh battery and, more importantly feature-wise, Bluetooth. Beyond that it's anyone (well, anyone except FCC and Samsung peeps') guess.

In other news, looks as though you may be able to take Tracofnes and put them on Page Plus, if said Tracfones are CDMA models. Specifically, the Kyocera K126c has made it to the Verizon-based low cost provider with a bit of coaxing, see here:

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