Thursday, February 05, 2009

Three Tracfones Show Up On Activation Site

Looks like I was wrong and The Turk (from the forums) was right...the Samsung t101g, t201g and t301g have now shown up on Tracfone's (and Net10's) activation pages. The pictures are somewhat low-res, however here's the scoop so far, from what I can gather...which is pretty much exactly what The Turk predicted:
  • t101g - basic candybar with a color screen
  • t201g - basic flip phone with an external display but no camera
  • t301g - slider phone with Bluetooth...and a camera?
This will be Tracfone's fifth phone brand for recent history. Looks like companies are offering them cheap phones that are right down the alley of their customers, while pushing the envelope just a bit to deliver more features to low-use coverage-sensitive customers that Tracfone is great for. Aside from being the first Samsung phones available, the t301g is Tracfone's first slider.

Let's hope things keep getting more interesting at this rate...

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Stuart said...

yeah, I've noticed the new Samsung phones too! but I think the T301G (slider phone) looks promising. [and I hope it does have a camera (I hope it possibly has video capabilities too! :-) )] And I also noticed the the phones on the ringtones and data-services tracfone page. [I currently have a tracfone motorola w376 now, but when the samsung t301g comes out, I might do one last upgrade! LoL!!! (and i've already gone through 2 tracfones so far...hahahaha!) ----Stuart B-------------- ;-) [Ps: And i've checking Tracfone daily to check status of the 3 new samsung phones]