Thursday, December 13, 2007

Net10 Drops Phone Prices, Isn't Evil ;)

First off, Net10 has a nice front page now. I especially like their slogan, or what should be their slogan...No bills, No contracts, No evil. Gotta love it.

Anyway, they've also decreased most of their phones in price by $10-$20. For example, the Motorola w375, c261 or LG CG225 are now a mere $70 each. The LG 200c is $ third less than it was mere weeks ago at Wal-Mart when my parents bought their phones. The Kyocera K126? $20.

I may have to pick up a phone or two to review...these things are cheap!

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ERG said...

I bought a v375 from Wal-Mart today for roughly $70 after tax. Not too shabby. got all my stuff ported over, works great.