Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Good News For Virgin Mobile

This is a posting by Chris, from the Go4Prepaid forum.

No longer will Virgin Mobile customers have to spend time on the phone with customer service to activate their phones.

New customers, as well as current customers upgrading, will have their phones programmed OTA (over the air), eliminating manual input and errors that manual input have caused.

"At Virgin Mobile USA, we are continually working to enhance our award-winning customer service processes," said James Gamm, vice president of Information Technology for Virgin Mobile USA. "With Telespree, we focused on the device programming process, eliminating manual entry and any associated errors, creating an even simpler and more convenient consumer experience. Virgin Mobile USA customers can purchase a cool, new phone and get it programmed quickly, allowing them to begin using service immediately after activation without any hassles."

If anyone activates a phone on Virgin Mobile soon, please post a review of the new OTA programming in either a comment or on the Go4Prepaid forum (seen in the right sidebar.)

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Anonymous said...

I got my new LX165 Flair phone yesterday from VirginMobile, and the setup from the phone worked flawlessly. Phone was working within 10 minutes.