Monday, November 07, 2005

SMS Stuff

Two quick things about SMS. Okay, three.

1. I was emailed by the marketing chairman of 4info, yet another SMS service a la Google and Yahoo. The shortcode this time is...what else...4INFO, and it has a few things, like sports scores and random drink (alcoholic) "recipies", that other SMS gateways don't have but personally I find 4info unattractive when compared with, say, Google SMS.

2. With you can make your very own "Moblog" (Mobile Blog) in as little as one step: send whatever you want to Believe it or not, this works on SMS as well, though your entries are short.

3. The alternative to this is Matil-to-Blogger, which lets you send text to a predetermined email address ( and it show up on the blog. If you can stand lack of confirmation and a few less characters on your message this is good for people who, like me, have annoying cell plans that cost to receive text messages.