Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Short Note on PagePlus Cellular

I may have said this before, but there is a company called PagePlus Cellular that offers service off of Verizon's home network for a fairly reasonable price, varying from 10 to 14 cents a minute, with 10 cents being had on an $80 card and 14 cents on a $10 card. Cards expire in 4 months. One small problem is roaming off Verizon's towers is $1.99 a minute. The other nit to pick is 50 cents a month is deducted from your balance. The third nit is text messages are fairlyexpensive, at 8 cents per message to send and receive..

The one special thing about PagePlus is that you can, with a web-enabled phone, access the mobile internet at zero cost as long as your phone is active and on the Verizon-towers network (comparable in size to Sprint's or T-Mobile's home network). It's fairly fast too, since everywhere Verizon has towers it has 1xRTT access, so expect speeds of 50-70 kbps.

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