Saturday, September 24, 2005

More eBay Deals

I kept on surfing eBay and here are some other deals I found:

Tracfone 200 Minute Card, $42.50 (normally $50, 15% off)
The big deal here is that this is the PIN from a real card, not a limited-use bunch of ESN minutes. You can get the ESN minutes for less, but you can't double them or add promotions to them.
eBay Link

Tracfone 100 Minute Card , $24.50 (normally $30, 18% off)
Same thing special as the 200 minute card.
eBay Link

Net10 3000 minute card, $210 (normally $300, 30% off)
The guy also offers (not right now) the card buy-it-now for $240, a 1800 minute card buy-it-now for $150, and a 3000 minute card and the Motorola v171 phone with the bids at $305 right now and free shipping. The cards are thus 8 cents a minute, and if you get the 3000-minute you're paying $20 a month for 250 minutes a month. Not bad at all.
eBay Link

Virgin Mobile $50 card, $45 (10% off)
This is a little bit better than the deal at CheapPhoneCards with refill5
eBay Link

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