Saturday, January 03, 2009

Kajeet Offers $70 Plan/Phone Rebate

As pointed out by forum member offthegrid here, Kajeet is offering a $70 rebate to anyone who buys a phone in the next few days, activates it before the month is half gone, and sticks to their $20, 150-minute-per-month plan for three months. Net effect? Either three months of free service and $10 off your phone, or $70 off your phone with a three-month contract, depending on hw you look at it.

If you're calling it a $70 phone rebate, that takes the LG Rumors down to $100, the Sanyo Katana II's down to $30, the original Katana and Samsung m300 down to $0, and the refurbished phones of various types (as well as the LG LX160) down to better-than-free.

Pretty good deal if you want a Kajeet phone.


Chris @ Prepaid Cell Phones Guide said...

Pretty good deal--it seems that they are making a bold attempt to grab more subscribers. I wonder about the quality of kajeet's phones. Very cheap plan though,

Ian said...

All their phones are old/current Sprint models, so they should be decent, probably better than the Kyocrappers that Virgin Mobile sells.