Thursday, June 05, 2008

New Tracfone\Net10 Phones, Available For Sale

Looks like the newest Tracfon\Net10 phones are available online now, for sale.

LG 300g (bar phone) - $30
LG 400g (not-as-ugly-as-I-thought flip phone) - $40

Of course, both phones include $30 worth of airtime.

Also, the LG 1500 + an accessory kit is available for $50, or refurb'd with no kit for $30. The Motorola c261 is available refurbished for $30.

On the Tracfone side...

Motorola w175 (bar phone) - $15
Motorola w260 (flip phone) - $30

Also, the LG 225 (with an accessory kit) and the Motorola c261 (without) are $50, including a double minutes for life card. Decent deal, I'd say.

EDIT: The Motorola c261 is actually $40. Even better deal!

Also, shipping is currently free for all orders of $35 or greater.


Katlyn said...

And where are you finding these? I can't find a Net10 Motorola c261 for less than $60.

Ian said...

Take a look at the Go4Prepaid forums. All Tracfone and Net10 deals are catalogged there. Also, Net10 phones tend to be more expensive than Tracfones of the same model, so you may not be able to find a c261 for less than $60 on Net10.

sox33rules said...

or you can go to they have all these phones for less than $40!