Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Net10 Deals

They've done it again...Net10 has a lot of refurbished phones so they're unloading them at prices that contract carriers would call "FREE!!!1!" without flinching...remember that all phones come with $30 worth of airtime preloaded...

Motorola v170/v171 - $19.99*
LG 1500/Motorola c261/v176 - $29.99*
New Nokia 1600 - $29.99*
Nokia 1600 w\extra $30 card - $30***
New Motorola v171 - $39.99
New Motorola w375/LG 1500 - $59.99
Motorola v176 w\extra $60 card - $60**
New LG CG225 - $79.99

* This phone costs the same or less than the airtime on it
** This phone costs less than the airtime on it plus the airtime bundled with it
*** Both of the above

All things considered, it's a good time to buy a Net10 phone, especially if you want a cameraphone; the c261 is effectively free refurbished. Or grab the refurbished Nokia 1600...just counting the airtime alone you're getting sub-six-cent minutes!

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